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Friday, January 2, 2009

Tiajuana Taxi (Music Box)

We spent Christmas break with my husband's family in Chicago, we stayed at his mom's. As usual and it became a ritual for me :) to visit a thrift shop near his mom's. I always find something to buy in that store. This time I found a mini brass car. I was not sure at the beginning and even I was a little bit regret why I bought that car. But it was purchased and I had to take home. Yesterday, when finally I had time to unpack our suitcase and came to unwrapped the car, I turned the crank around to see what happen. Surprisingly, it started to play a song. I did not know what sonf it was, so I told my husband and he said that it was called "Tiajuana taxi". So the "Model T" car is a Tiajuana Taxi. Finally I realized how lucky I was not to waste the car :). Here is the car/taxi, we just need to figure out how it clean it up.

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